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Emu NL (ASX: EMU) is a highly active Australian resource exploration company focused on new discoveries which have the potential to add significant value to investors and shareholders.

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EMU is currently engaged in a highly focussed Project Generation phase, following the completion of the Elevado exploration project in the Maricunga gold belt in Chile.

EMU is actively working to identify resource  and exploration projects both within Australia and overseas with a view to acquiring an asset, or assets, that may have the potential to add significant financial value and returns for its shareholders.  EMU maintains a strict criterion in its evaluation of these projects. The focus is not limited to greenfield exploration.  EMU’s evaluation and assessment criteria covers projects that have the potential to be value-accretive and provide and the opportunity to demonstrate significant upside at any stage in the project life cycle including greenfield exploration, late-stage exploration and near-term cash flow. EMU has prepared a long list of projects which are currently under evaluation.  A short list of projects is under construction.

A key focus of the board following the exit from Elevado, has been to target Australian projects in the first instance.


Peter Thomas
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Thomas is a high energy, pragmatic corporate engineer with astute commercial acumen and business expertise.

Terry Streeter
Non-Executive Director

Mr Streeter has extensive experience in funding, listing and overseeing junior explorers in all exploration and economic cycles and has served in various roles in the nickel sulphide industry for over 30 years.

Gavin Rutherford
Non-Executive Director

Following a successful background in Agribusiness on both domestic and international stages, Mr Rutherford has spent over 20 years in the Mining Services / Fabrication / Contracting sector. 

Tim Staermose
Non-Executive Director

Tim Staermose has 23 years’ equity capital markets and equity research experience. He worked at international sell-side equity brokerage firms in South Korea and Hong Kong. Mr Staermose is the non executive Chairman of ASX listed Copper Strike Limited (ASX:CSE).  He also serves as Chief Investment Strategist for “sovereignman.com”.



The EMU puts boots on the ground in WA

The EMU puts boots on the ground in WA

Emu NL has wasted no time and hit the ground running across its recently acquired suite of gold and nickel projects in southern WA. The company has put its exploration team in play at the 8 Mile project near the Menzies gold mining centre north of Kalgoorlie, while it...

ASX Announcements

Date PublishedSubjectLink
October 22, 2020EMU Progressing Exploration in WAview
October 7, 2020Placement Completed and Cleansing Noticeview
October 7, 2020Appendix 2Aview
October 1, 2020Annual Report to shareholdersview
October 1, 2020Appendix 4G and CG Statementview
September 28, 2020EMU Secures Highly Prospective Exploration Portfolio in WAview
September 28, 2020EMU Secures Historic High Grade Gnows Nest Gold Project WAview


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Full Paid Ordinary Shares: (ASX: EMU)

Fully paid ordinary shares (Quoted as ASX: EMU) – 333,505,436 (includes 15.7m shares which can be bought back by EMU for nil consideration)

Partly paid ordinary shares: (ASX: EMUCA)

33,725,496 ($0.03 outstanding per share with no call to be made before 31.12.2023)

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Unquoted Options

65,759,750 options to acquire partly paid shares, exercisable at $0.02 each, on or before 21 December 2020

84,355,000 options to acquire fully paid shares, exercisable at $0.20 each, on or before 15 January 2021

8,454,468 options to acquire fully paid shares, exercisable at $0.20 each, on or before 16 January 2021

22,000,000 options to acquire partly paid shares, exercisable at $0.03 each, on or before 21 December 2021



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