Dear Investor,

EMU NL is pleased to announce its first ever investor competition. In fact, there are really two competitions, each with a great prize to be awarded.

To be eligible to win one of these two prizes, each a bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermitage wine, investors must be listed as registered shareholders of ASX:EMU and ASX:EMUCA on the 30 September 2021.

1. New Name for Gnows Nest Gold Project

Our flagship gold project near Yalgoo WA is ready to be renamed. Whilst we already have names for the some of the prospects at Gnows Nest where we are working hard to enhance the project for EMU and its investors, we think that a new name for the project is needed. Are you able to help us come up with a great new name for the Gnows Nest Project? If your suggestion is selected as the best by the Board of EMU NL, you will be the winner of our first prize. Where the same suggestion is made more than once, the Board will conduct a draw to determine the winner.

2. Email and Telephone Numbers

Whilst we ask for investors to provide email and telephone numbers so that we are better able to efficiently communicate our news and information to you, our register unfortunately is not complete with those details. To improve our communications to you, we are seeking your email and telephone number to be lodged with Automic Share Registry if you have not already done so. Each investor on the EMU and/or the EMUCA share register with Automic on 30 September 2021, who has provided their current email address and telephone number, will be entered into the draw for the second prize.

Winners will be contacted during the first week of October and announced in an emailed communication. Prizes must be claimed within 14 days.

We are expecting some great things at EMU during the next 12 months. With 5 distinct projects located within driving distance of our West Perth office, each with its own distinct targets, EMU will deliver results (be they good or disappointing!), regular news flow and announcements directed at accreting value to you, our investors . Our current outstanding suite of exploration assets encompasses the strategic minerals of Gold, Copper, Nickel and PGE’s. We have budgets set to deliver on our exploration field work this year on each of these projects which includes a 6,500m RC drill programme scheduled to commence next month at Gnows Nest and Monte Cristo.

We thank you for your support, this means a lot to EMU. We look forward to your suggestion for a new name for Gnow Nest Project and in receiving your updated communication details.

Yours faithfully

Peter Thomas


Write your email address, contact number and name suggestion in the spaces below and return this form to us, either by scanning it and emailing it to, or by fax to +61 2 8583 3040. By providing these contact details, you elect to receive all of your communications dispatched by the Company electronically (where legally permissible.