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Gnows Nest Project Commencement of Drilling

Gnows Nest Project Commencement of Drilling

(EMU or the Company, ASX:EMU) is pleased to advise the commencement of drilling at the Monte Cristo Gold Prospect, Yalgoo (as foreshadowed by the ASX Announcement of 25 November 2020, “Strategic Acquisition at Gnows Nest”). The Gnows Nest drilling programme is planned...

8 MILE Dam, Menzies WA

8 MILE Dam, Menzies WA

On 23 July 2020, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety (DMIRS) granted the 8 Mile Dam project Exploration Licence Application (E29/1080). EMU’s geologists have since conducted a successful reconnaissance field trip directed at checking historical...


Full Paid Ordinary Shares: (ASX: EMU)

Fully paid ordinary shares (Quoted as ASX: EMU) – 356,405,436 (including 18.6m which EMU can buy back for nil consideration)

Contributing Shares (listed)

40,485,069 paid to $0.03, $0.03 to pay, no call before 31/12/2023

Partly paid ordinary shares: (ASX: EMUCA)

33,725,496 ($0.03 outstanding per share with no call to be made before 31.12.2023)

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